Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual Assault Lawyer

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Our team of campus sexual assault lawyers win in more ways than in the courtroom.

If you’re looking for a campus sexual assault lawyer, you want someone who has expertise with the Title IX movement and gender violence training, but who also cares for the emotional side of these issues like nobody else. Cari Simon, Laura Dunn, Monica Beck, and Lisa Cloutier, with The Fierberg National Law Group, are some of the best campus sexual assault lawyers in the nation because they have the expertise and are deeply dedicated to helping get the lives of sexual assault victims back together.

The Fierberg National Law Group are particularly skilled at building legal teams of sexual abuse lawyers. Where necessary, we combine the best local lawyers for assault victims and national expertise so you get the best legal representation wherever you are.

Through the knowledge and know-how of complicated legal work and devotion to the people who have been impacted by sexual assault, these lawyers for assault victims are ardent in their pursuit for justice and its part in the healing process.

The commitment of our campus sexual assault lawyers is evidenced by what past clients are saying, and the many actions they’ve taken both inside and outside the court room. Ms. Dunn’s establishment of Survjustice, a non-profit organization, is increasing the prospect of justice for all survivors through legal assistance, policy advocacy, and institutional training. Ms. Beck recently obtained a $1.8 million verdict in federal court for four high school students who were victims of sexual assault by a Major League baseball player. Ms. Simon has achieved millions of dollars in settlements on behalf of survivors. Apart from her numerous litigation wins, Ms. Cloutier consults on behalf of numerous women’s rights organizations, including Futures Without Violence.

What about victims getting sued for defamation?

If you need a campus sexual assault lawyer, you’re the victim. Unfortunately, when the offender is someone whose reputation and credibility may risk their future employment and financial position, we sometimes must deal with accusations of defamation as a misguided attempt to save face. Our team of campus sexual assault lawyers is also experienced with defending survivors of sexual violence from lawsuits brought against them by perpetrators. No matter what side of a civil or criminal case you’re on, we’re with you and for you, because no victim of sexual assault should be made to feel at fault.

How does gender violence training expertise make a better sexual assault lawyer?

Gender-based violence is an umbrella term for any harmful act that is perpetrated against a person’s will, and that is based on socially ascribed (gender) differences between males and females. A solid understanding and respect of things like – the survivor’s mental and emotional needs, the consequences gender-based violence has on the victim and victim’s relationships, the role that an individual’s beliefs have on one’s ability to communicate and articulate the full extent of victimization – all have a direct correlation to the effectiveness of a campus sexual assault lawyer. Understanding the concept of perceived power, and one’s abusing it to control, authorize or influence another to perform sexual attention, advances, or acts, is vital to a sexual assault lawyer’s success. The School Violence Law of campus sexual assault lawyers use their deep knowledge of gender-based violence, and the many socio-cultural factors that could be at play, to raise each sexual assault case to the level of human rights.

As the only nationwide legal team focused on winning justice for victims of violence and misconduct in schools, we help campus sexual assault victims hold perpetrators, schools, and fraternities accountable. We leverage our unique, close relationships with the country’s leading nonprofit advocacy groups, with whom we regularly confer, and, at times, “partner” on cases to increase a victim’s ability to obtain justice and cause systemic change. Such groups include: National Crime Victim Law Institute; Clery Center for Security on Campus; Public Justice Foundation; Know Your IX; SurvJustice; Futures Without Violence; Harvard Gender Violence Program; National Crime Victim Bar Association; and National Center for Victims of Crime.

If you’re here, it means that you, or someone you love, is possibly experiencing a traumatic event. The entire staff extends our most sincere condolences.

We want to help you put your life back together, and to do our part to make sexual violence on campus a thing of the past. For a confidential conversation, contact us at and or call 1.877.WASH.DC.1.


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