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Wrongful Death Attorney

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If you are seeking a wrongful death attorney, you’ve experienced a significant loss. Our entire staff extends our most sincere condolences.

This is a difficult time. You need to know not only how to find a wrongful death attorney, but how to find the best one for you. As a wrongful death law firm, we are committed to successfully resolving – via settlement or trial – unprecedented financial results and peace of mind to people seeking compensation for serious personal injury or wrongful death. Our wins have positioned us as the only nationwide wrongful death law firm, with the best wrongful death lawyers, due to the level of complexity past cases have presented, and our quarter-century of practice in serious catastrophic injuries and death due to unsafe premises, school violence, gun violence, sexual assault, gender-based violence, Title IX violations, fraternity hazing and violence, and other tragedies caused by the negligence of others. We’ve been described as being tough on substance and smooth on style.

Best wrongful death lawyers for hazing-related deaths

As of December 8, 2018, according to “Hazing: Destroying Young Lives” author Hank Nuwer, there has been at least one hazing death on a North American college campus, every year from 1954-1957 and 1959-2018 – and in many years, multiple deaths have transpired. There has been a USA school death every year from 1961-2018. (Indiana University Press, 2018)

Many victims suffer from more than the trauma of the original crime. All too often, the family is left with the expenses for counseling, lost wages, and lost earning capacities associated with debilitating grief and post-traumatic stress. As the nation’s leading wrongful death attorneys for hazing-related deaths, we are committed to changing the culture of hazing on college campuses and university-related organizations through maximum and unprecedented punitive damages for negligent behavior as well as prevention awareness.

Best wrongful death attorneys for sexual violence

We are particularly skilled at building legal teams of wrongful death attorneys for sexually violent crimes. Where necessary, we combine the best local lawyers for assault victims and national expertise so you get the best legal representation wherever you are. Our team of wrongful death attorneys utilizes their extensive gender-based violence training and deep commitment to holding perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Through the knowledge and know-how of complicated legal work and devotion to the people who have been impacted by sexual assault and wrongful death, these lawyers for assault victims and their families are ardent in their pursuit for justice and legal accountability as part of the healing process.

Best wrongful death attorneys for school shootings

On April 16, 2007, 32 students and faculty members were tragically murdered at Virginia Tech University. Our team of wrongful death attorneys negotiated the historic, complex settlement in excess of $11 Million on behalf of 20 families/clients who suffered the loss of a loved one or traumatic gunshot injuries as a result of the massacre. We built a massively supportive legal team that combined local attorneys and national expertise to give these victims and their families the best legal representation no matter where they lived. This is what we do for all our cases that involve multiple jurisdictions, as so often school shootings do. We do our part to push for the very best in legal and public service, and raising awareness of the need for legislative change around school safety for that of our children and educators.

No matter if you’ve experienced a hazing-related death, a death arising from a violent sexual assault, or one as a result of a school shooting, our team of wrongful death attorneys are fully prepared to hold any and all individuals and organizations that were responsible – either through their violent action or negligent behavior – accountable.

We’re here for you. Our clients have traveled a path that may be similar to the one you are currently traveling. Many clients have become strong advocates and have valuable insights they are willing to share, including our work. Please feel free to inquire, and when appropriate, we will gladly connect you to them, as they too are committed to offering their help and unique insight. Contact us today by emailing us at info@tfnlgroup.com and info@schoolviolencelaw.com or call 1.877.WASH.DC.1.

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